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"It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. What are we busy about?" 
Henry David Thoreau

Information is the key to knowledge, efficiency and increased student learning.

ER CONSULTING SERVICES give Educators the tools to be knowledgeable, efficient and student-centred.


1.      What every Administrator should know for effective monitoring of the Literacy Program

2.      Implementing differentiated instruction for groups in the multi-level classroom

3.      Helping the at-risk adolescent student construct meaning through improved Reading/Writing connections

4.      Strategies for meeting the challenge of stress-free classroom management

5.      Improving the Reading/Writing process through increased emphasis on Listening and Speaking Skills

6.      Modifications for struggling adolescent students

7.      Lest we forget...Enrichment program for the Bright student

8.      Developing Literacy proficiency through integration of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

9.      Using the Arts to increase Literacy proficiency for at-risk learners

10.  Creating a Culturally Responsive classroom through curriculum planning

11.  Modification practices for slower learners

12.  Strategies to develop optimum language proficiency with ESL students

13.  Meeting the needs of all students in a ethno-cultural society

14. Overwhelmed? Practical Time management strategies through realistic scheduling

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